Monday, October 12, 2009

With thanks to Timothy W Richardson ...

The books "Remembering the [Simplified][Traditional] Hanzi" were co-written by James Heisig & Timothy W Richardson.

I know I've personally spent a lot of time in my blog referring to the "Heisig method", or saying things like "What Heisig teaches us is that ...". 

And although it was Heisig who originally developed this concept in his series of books called "Remembering the Kanji", it was Richardson who - as part of his doctoral thesis - extended this idea to apply to the Chinese hanzi in the 1990s. Apparently the results were sufficiently encouraging that he approached Heisig, who agreed that they should collaberate to produce these books.

Finally, in 2009, the above two books were published. Without Richardson, I would still be struggling with my 13th and 14th individual hanzi - as opposed to learning (with high retention) over 1000 characters in about 6 weeks.

So I'd like to thank Richardson, who has received no credit in my blog so far, for the role he played in bringing these books to the public


(UPDATE: Five years after I wrote the above note, I got the opportunity to interview Timothy Richardson - which was a fascinating experience. You can read the interview teaser here ("Did you know ..." style) and the full interview here)

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