Sunday, October 4, 2009

Learning Mandarin - Start Off Lazy, Build From There (guest post)

I was very pleased to be invited to do a guest post for Charlie at the Discovering Mandarin blog. In it I talk about how I started learning Mandarin (really really slowly at first), and what I'm learning at the moment.

You can find the post here.  And once you've read it, and left a comment, take a look at the rest of Charlie's blog. It has daily Chinese proverbs, Chinese recipes, news & culture posts, and more. Definitely worth becoming a follower.



  1. Thanks for the very kind reccomendation Greg. Was great to have your story on my blog.

    Hope to see you drop by again soon.

  2. Deeply hurt again by the fact that I typed a long compliment and then it was gone....Will try later when I feel stronger.
    In a nutshell, I think now when people say you are clever, they mean it.

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