Friday, January 15, 2010

Tasting your way around the world

I recently wrote an article for Mango Languages with the above title.

Please pop in and have a read, and make sure you leave a comment if you've had similar (or better) experiences.

To whet your appetite for the article, here's a picture of me eating a chicken head in Beijing  :-x



  1. Cool article, Greg. I have half a mind to write a similar post on my own blog...

  2. Hey Greg, I recently noticed you reacted on my blog, lol. Your Afrikaans was very understandable for me, a Dutch speaking person.

    I still love your blog, and I coincide with what you wrote in a comment beneath my post.

    Have fun writing articles for others, this one was 非常好!

  3. JP: I look forward to seeing your variation on this article. Just make sure you're less funny, and have a shorter list. And make more typos.

    Taming: Ek is bly om weer van jou to hoor - ek hoop jou studies gaan goed!

    Thanks also for your compliments - I'm glad you're enjoying the blog. I've got a number of articles in draft form to publish soon - just need a few minutes to finalise!