Saturday, July 4, 2009

A laughable blog post

It's Friday, and I like Fridays. Not as much as Saturdays or Sundays, but it's heading in the right direction.

So using the concept of WordPacks, here are some common (and useful!) words which are all tied around a "laughable" theme ...
  • hǎo xiào (好笑) funny (adjective)
  • xiào huà (笑话) joke (noun)
  • wán (玩) play, have fun (verb)
  • kāi wán xiào (开玩笑) to make fun of / to joke (verb)
  • wēi xiào (微笑) smile (verb)
  • kě xiào (可笑) funny (adjective)
  • gé gé xiào (格格笑) giggle (verb)
And to make it easier to memorise, note there are many words which end (or begin) with xiào (笑). Also there is a short "run-on" (hǎo xiào / xiào huà) which - if as a beginner that's all you memorise - then that's 90% of the usefulness for 10% of the effort.

PS. If you know any short Chinese jokes, or links to any jokes in Chinese, please leave a comment to this post ...


  1. A chinesepod user posts a regular joke for the day. You may find a few you like if you sift through her posts. You don't need an account to read them and their comments.

    Nice blog by the way :)

  2. Thanks Chris. I hadn't seen that stream - looks like I'm going to be amused for hours!