Monday, October 4, 2010

Now blogging from Hong Kong

Hi all

I was shocked to notice that I haven't posted in nearly two months!  Thanks for the emails from those of you who were wondering if I was still "around" ...

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I had plans to move to Hong Kong. And in fact, I have moved to HK. Indeed, this is me now, blogging from Hong Hong.

The picture you see to the right is from my current apartment window, in the heart of Wanchai. This coming weekend I will move to my permanent apartment further east.

In the last couple of months I got tied up with the process of moving, using up some leave that was still due to me (in the US & South Africa), and coming across here. I've also been settling in HK, doing 'domestic' things grocery shopping and getting haircuts.

I've not had that much opportunity to practise my Mandarin (well, more than London, but less than I would want) - except for the last two days which I spent in Shenzhen for China's 61st birthday. I've also been having to re-learn some of my reading, because HK uses the Traditional character set, whereas I learned the Simplified set - but I've done this learning "in the wild" and not from books.

So, following soon, I'll be writing more articles. I've got so many ideas in the last couple of weeks. Keep an eye out for my next post called "Neither Coke nor Water".

If you're still reading, drop me a note below to say hi. (And if you're based in HK, let me know - it would be fun to meet up.)


  1. Hi Greg and welcome to Hong Kong.

    I would have written earlier but my gmail account was not working.

    Have you been able to practice much Mandarin? I'm looking forward to seeing your next blog.


  2. Hi James, glad to be there

    In the beginnging I would ask people (taxi drivers, shop assistants, waitresses, etc.) first whether they spoke Mandarin, and then I'd begin. But after a week or two, I immediately just started in Mandarin with people, and on almost every occasion they have continued in Mandarin with me.

    So not practicing as much as I would have liked yet, but getting there. At least I get constant practice reading ... signs, adverts, posters, ...