Saturday, June 27, 2009

How to end with 'hǎo'

In my introduction to WordPacks, I explained that I like to learn words in "groups" because it's easier, quicker ... and creates patterns that I'm more likely to notice in future.

Hello World
One of the first words people learn in Mandarin is nǐ hǎo (你好) which means hello - although literally it means "you good". Let's build off this.

I'll create a small WordPack today (the type with words that have the same endings) using: hǎo.

Obvious ones
These ones are quick to learn, especially if you already know the Mandarin words for 'speak', 'look', etc.

shuō hǎo (说好) agree
To 'speak good' - or 'to agree'. Makes sense. Now memorise it.

kàn hǎo (看好) optimistic
To 'look good' - 'optimisic'. Wow, this is so easy.

zhèng hǎo (正好) just in time / just enough
If something is 'exact good', it's 'just in time; or 'just enough'. Are you loving WordPacks yet?

xìng hǎo (幸好) fortunately
This one is 'luck good' - being 'lucky' or 'fortunate'.

HSK - some additional words
These words are taken from the HSK beginner list which end in hǎo.

wèn hǎo (问好) (ask good) to send regards, inquire after

yǒu hǎo (友好)(friend good) friendly, amicable

zhǐ hǎo (只好)(only good) have no option but to...

If you have any other words which end in hǎo that you use relatively often, then leave a comment below.

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  1. This word pack stuff looks useful, thanks for the lesson.